High School Youth Group

Welcome to Nativity’s high school Youth Group!  Students in grades 9-12 meet weekly to celebrate the 7 p.m. mass and then share a snack and fellowship in the Parish Hall until 8:30 p.m.  All are welcome!  Please refer to the schedule for weeks that meetings are held.  God Bless!!!!

Make sure to always check our Band App and your emails!

This year, rather than having officers, we are blessed to have an entire Junior Leadership Team.

*Thank you to our Juniors for leading our Youth Group in serving the Lord*


Thank you for your service and leadership!!!

25: Mass and Welcome Celebration

8: Mass and Meeting
15: Mass
22: Car Wash
Mass and Meeting
29: Mass and Meeting

5: EDGE Middle School Youth Group
6: Mass
13: HoeDown and Mass
20: Mass and Meeting (Social Night)
27: Mass and Meeting

3: Mass and Meeting
9: EDGE Middle School Youth Group
10: Mass
16: Nativity Auction and Gala
17: Mass and Meeting
24: Mass and Meeting (Social Night)

1: Mass
8: Santa’s Breakfast and Mass
15: Mass and Meeting
21: Santa’s Store
22: Mass
29: Mass

Remember to dress appropriately for mass.  PLEASE NO jeans, shorts or short skirts/dresses when you are lectoring or ushering.  When going on the altar please dress in a respectful manner.  Girls: Modest length dress/skirt or dress pants with tops, Guys:  Button down, or polo with dress pants/khakis.  Look sharp!  Thanks!

Remember for snack to confer with your snack team members.  Snack should be planned for 40-50 members, goodies, drinks and supplies should be brought.   Thank you!

Lector listing:

If you cannot read at a scheduled mass, please contact someone on the list to sub for you.  Thank you.