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Ministerios y Organizaciones Parroquiales


Bingo by The Nativity Men’s Club

Chaminade-Nativity Prayer Chain Requests
Peticiones y cadena de oración

The prayer chain consists of members of the church, who pray in agreement and stand on God’s holy word to lift up and support those requesting prayer. Our prayer requests are kept confidential among our members. However, the person’s first initial may be substituted instead of first name if extra privacy is needed.
If you, your family, or someone you know are in need of prayers please do not hesitate to contact us at

Chaminade– Nativity Prayer Group
Grupo de Oración, Renee


(954)987-3300 ext. 236
Mary Ann Crawford

Coro Alianza

Marta Suarez

Flower Ministry
Ministerio de Flores

Be a part of this ministry to honor Our Holy Father and Blessed Mother and work together to keep plants healthy on the altar, keep flowers around the statue of Mary inside the church, and decorate for various seasons, including, but not limited to Advent, Christmas and Easter. To volunteer for the fun and rewarding Nativity Flower Ministry, call Sue at 954-987-3300 ext. 201, to sign up for the “job”.

High School School Youth Group
Grupo de jóvenes de la escuela secundaria or (954) 547-4214, Mrs. Skehan

Knights of Columbus

Caballeros de Colón


Legion of Mary
Legión de MarÍa

(954)989-3879, Rainey Soloff
Español (954)801-0473, Andrea H (954)983-2637, Gladys M

Men’s Club

Grupo de hombres

Men’s Emmaus Retreat

(954)609-7882, Jorge Reyes

Middle School Youth Group

(954)987-3300 ext. 203

Mother’s Prayer Group
Grupo de Oración de la Madre
Renee Doyle

Nativity Communities of Faith
Nativity Comunidades de Fe
Javier Benitez

Respect Life
Respeto a la Vida or
Mary Vrancik and Gloria Bravo
Project Rachel Confidential
Toll free: 1-888-456-4673
Local: 954-981-2984

Schoenstatt Apostalic Movement
Ministerio Apostólico de Schoenstatt
Kathy and Luis Asanza

Senior Group
Grupo de Persona Mayor
(954)962-4892, Peggy Wood

Estudio Bíblico

Rafael Nuñez

St. Vincent de Paul

(954)981-5060 HELP LINE
Jim Allen

Hospitality Ministers
Ministros de Hospitalidad
Español, (954)296-5373, Victor

Women’s Club

Young Adult Ministry
Ministerio de Jóvenes Adultos

954-483-8269 or
Instagram @nativitycatholicya