Welcome to Nativity!

Dear friends,

I am pleased to welcome all of you – parishioners and visitors – to our Nativity website.  Within these pages you will find a great deal of information about our parish and the faithful parishioners who call Nativity home.

The mission of our parish, like the mission of the worldwide Church, is to worship God, to serve others and to make disciples.  We strive to make the name of Jesus Christ better known, loved and served and to create a community of believers that supports one another in our Catholic faith as we journey toward our true homeland.

We are always happy to welcome visitors to our parish.  Please join us for Mass or stop by our office, and don’t hesitate to introduce yourselves to our priests and staff members.  I’m sure you will find here at Nativity what so many others have found – a place of prayer, a refuge from the world, a school of faith, a center of Christian service, and a supportive community of like-minded Catholic believers.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Very Rev. David Zirilli, V.F.

RCIA and Adult Faith Formation

RCIA – Adult Faith Formation

How do people become fully Catholic and enter into the abundant life of God’s children?  Through faith and the Sacraments, specifically the Sacraments of Initiation:  Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion.  Typically, these Sacraments are received when we are young, even infants.  But what if….

  • You were never baptized?
  • Or you were baptized in another Christian denomination?
  • Or you were baptized as a Catholic but never received first Communion and/or Confirmation?

Can you still receive these Sacraments even as an adult?  Can you become Catholic even if you were raised in another tradition?  The answer is YES!  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the way to become fully Catholic.

The RCIA is an itinerary of catechesis by which you will learn the Catholic faith at an adult level and come to a deeper knowledge and love for Jesus Christ.  At the end of this journey, typically at Eastertime, you will receive the Sacraments and be welcomed into the fullness of the Catholic faith.

The RCIA begins this month with our first class on Monday, September 28 and continuing most Mondays thereafter.  For everyone’s comfort and safety, our classes will be held in the main church this year.  We will also broadcast our classes via livestream through our parish website and social media accounts.

Enrollment in the RCIA is easy – just click on the RCIA icon and fill out the digital registration form.  That’s it!

Whether this is for yourself, a family member or friend, or if you know someone interested in joining the Church, the RCIA is for all of you.  Don’t put it off another year.  Now is the time to become fully Catholic!!

By the way, what if you already have all your Sacraments but would like to have a “refresher” course and delve deeper into the truths of our Catholic faith?  You too are welcome to attend our RCIA classes – they are open to all.

Click on image below for further information.