Ministries that focus on prayer and studying the Word.

Chaminade- Nativity Prayer Chain Requests (Peticiones y Cadena de Oración)

The prayer chain consists of members of the church, who pray in agreement and stand on God’s holy word to lift up and support those…

Chaminade– Nativity Prayer Group (Grupo de Oración)

The Chaminade-Nativity Prayer Group meets weekly on Tuesdays after the 6pm Mass. The prayer group hosts two seminars annually, Life in the Spirit and Come…

Estudio Bíblico

More content coming soon.
Rafael Nuñez

Legion of Mary (Legión de María)

More content coming soon.
Mary Draving

Men’s Emmaus Retreat

The Emmaus retreat is based on the scripture passage found in Luke 24:13-35, where Jesus appears to two disciples who are on the road to…
Dennis Bailey

Mother’s Prayer Group (Grupo de Oración de la Madre)

More content coming soon.

Nativity Communities of Faith (Nativity Comunidades de Fe)

Nativity Communities of Faith is dedicated to making better disciples of Christ, so that He may be truthfully proclaimed by the way we live and love.…

Women’s Club

Mission Statement We come together in fellowship to worship, to lift up and encourage our fellow women to grow in our faith. In building and…

Women’s Emmaus

Women's Emmaus Women's Emmaus Retreat not our hearts burning within us while he spoke to us on the way and opened the scriptures to us?"…

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